Project: Passive house Kempele / Finland

Passive house, no basement
Area o.a. 170 sqm
Heat demand: 112kW/qm

Heating system:
Geothermal, solar,
waterbearing fireplace SKE 15 B.
Akvaterm 2.000 L. accumulator with DHW

"This winter, the ambient temperature outside has been between +9 degrees Celsius and -36 degrees Celcius. The fireplace and passive energy HVAC-solutions (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) for the house have been working perfectly. Ambient temperature inside the house has been constantly +21 degrees Celcius.
Here are some pictures of the fireplace and of grandmother Aila and grandson Ilmari enjoying the warmth of the fire. The thermometer for the water is at the top right corner of the fireplace.
The fireplace is directly connected to 2.000 l. Akvaterm water container. The bottom-most coil is reserved for solar panels. The middle one is for pre-heating the domestic water supply (used for drinking, washing etc.) and the top-most is is for heating the domestic water supply. In the bottom centre of the second photo is shown the Laddomat 21/6 charging pump for the fireplace, on the right is the expansion chamber (red). The Enervent air conditioning machine is shown in the top right corner. The canister and hand pump on the floor are for the ground source heat pump. To the left are the manifolds for the domestic water supply, underfloor heating and post-heating for the air conditioning system."

Tuomas Alasalmi

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