Project: Chateau in the Languedoc-France with waterbearing fireplace (40 kW)

Heating with a feel-good atmosphere - waterbearing fireplace with 40 kW

Former vineyard, 
partial basement
Main building area approximately 450 sqm 

Heating system:
Connect to existing oil heating, 
waterbearing fireplace SKE 40 Typ A., 
16 sqm solar tube collectors,,
Akvaterm accumulator 3.000 L. incl. 
Downstairs: underfloor heating
Upstairs: Radiators

The former winery is today, even with our technology, a year-round holiday resort with apartments for discerning. Whether as a family, with your partner or friends: a quiet atmosphere you will enjoy the special atmosphere of this southern living. The German owner couple you with the secrets of the region.

In the main building is a waterbearing fireplace with 40 kW installed. 
This heats a 3,000 liter solar stratified tank, which is housed in an adjacent building. In support of the heating and hot water supply still carry 16 sqm solar tube collectors that are installed on the roof of the adjacent building. The existing oil heating system was integrated for reasons of cost and also can be activated on demand. Interested parties have the opportunity to book one of the beautiful apartments and to make it right to get an idea.

 Contact: Château de Massignan

Heating with Wood & Solar in France
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