in-roof collector ALPINdach

100% roof integrated

The ALPIN roof collector is fitted with a wooden frame and upwardly oriented manifolds. The collector can be installed next to and over each other combined. The specially developed in-roof-system guarantees optimal tightness for all common roof types. 


  • More energy because perfect use of space

  • Effectively minimum collector gaps

  • Connections for screw - and solder suitable. 

In-roof collector RKE ALPINdach

  RKE Alpin IK 2500
gross area 2,52 qm
absorber area 2,28 qm
aperture area 2,32 qm
h xb xd 2058 mm x 1277 mm x 105 mm
weight 49 kg
solar fluid 1,7 l
max. pressure 10 bar
max. connection in series 6 pieces
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