The SOLARPROOF® energy roof system was developed by Thiers Horizon and Thermoduct. It is an integrated solar collector or heat collector who transforms the energy of the sun into heat. The heat is a result of the absorption of warm solar rays by a liquid in the tube register. With a heat exchanger the produced heat can be given to heating up sanitary water, swimming pool water or low temperature heating systems.

The SOLARPROOF® energy roof system has as base the PIROTHERM roof insulation system. On top of that layer a tube register is applied. A layer PIROTHERM insulation mortar is applied again. Waterproof roofing will be applied as an end layer.  The SOLARPROOF® heat collector is invisible and maintenance free and can activate small roofs as well as big roofs.

The thickness of the SOLARPROOF® system (insulation layer and tube register) can be chosen in function of the building. The weight of theSOLARPROOF® system is between 35kg/m² to 50kd/m².

The PIROTHERM insulation mortar is a mixture of recycled polystyrene, humidity regulating substances and cement as specific bonding agent.

The SOLARPROOF® system is maintenance free, easy to built, burn free and answers a need on future sustainable energy production.

The energy roof system gives a return for roof surfaces from 100m² on upwards. A heat exchanger is needed to operate the system.

SOLARPROOF® emits no CO² because solar energy is transformed in heat. The system does not pollute the environment. It is a green concept.

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