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gz-brandservices - Heizen mit Holz & Solar: New patented solar roof

Get the thermal energy out of your roof

Principle of the solar roof

The sun as source of energy produces in Europe each year between 1000 and 1500 kilo-watt/m². A part of this energy ends up on the roofs of buildings. The SOLARPROOF® energy roof system developed by Thiers Horizon and Thermoduct is an integrated heat collector or solar collector who gathers this energy. Due to the liquid in the tube register the heat can be used or transformed for the energy household of a building.

The collected heat can be used for different applications: to feed the temperature of a swimming pool water, to heat up cold sanitary water, to store the heat in the ground (geothermal application) for later activation in the winter month or for concrete core cooling. The investment in SOLARPROOF®system produces a quicker pay back as solar panels.

The SOLARPROOF® principle is easy: to exchange heat and cold, transport heat or store it. The SOLARPROOF® system is a closed loop.

Two trend setters in their area of expertise have developed the SOLARPROOF® energy roof system... Thiers-Horizon and Thermoduct are both over 40 years active in insulation systems and floor heating systems. The SOLARPROOF® system was developed in 2009.

The SSOLARPROOF® energy roof system can be used in the winter to keep flat roofs free from snow. The tube register will be fed in this case with liquid by use of a heat exchanger. The heat for the liquid can be originated by geo thermal applications. The roof will burden less weight which gives an advantage to the stability of the construction.

In southern countries the SOLARPROOF® energy roof can be used as a slow working air conditioning. The liquid in the tube register cools the roof. Traditional air conditioning consumes too much Electricity and is therefore indirectly provoking significant CO² emissions. The SOLARPROOF® cooling system does not emit any CO² emissions and is less incriminatory for your heath.

The energy roof system is easy to install on flat roofs and roofs with an inclination of maximum 20°. The SOLARPROOF® energy roof system can be applied on new building or by renovating existing roofs. SOLARPROOF®integrated heat collector is a system for renewable energy. The CO² emissions are not existent and the system is produced for a big part out recycled materials.

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