AKVANTTI - Oval, space-saving hot water tank

For new construction and renovations. Capacities 1400 litres, 2000 litres and 2400 litres. The most efficient hot water coil on the market (45 l/min.), also available without a domestic hot water coil. The depth is only 810 mm.

Height/Width mmDepth mmWeight kgResistor units
AKVANTTI 1400 EK1660/16308104203
AKVANTTI 1400 E1660/16308104103
AKVANTTI 2000 EK1840/20608105004
AKVANTTI 2000 E1840/20608104904
AKVANTTI 2400 EK2160/20608105604
AKVANTTI 2400 E2160/20608105504

EK= isolated and with one coil
E = isolated


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