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Waterbearing fireplaces for connecting to the exist heating system.

The insert boiler stoves EGRA-DS series are a logical development of the traditional solid fuel boiler with a high water- side efficiency! (ca. 80% efficiency and 4 - 7% radiating heat).

The heated water is fed into the primary and secondary heating power supplied to the hot water storrage. The oil or gas burner is switched off and the entire heating system is heated by a cozy fireside romance. This prevents the living room becomes uncomfortably overheated due to excessive radiation heat. The insert boiler stoves EGRA-DS series acting as an independent combustion plant and can be heated for example at a power of 20 kW, a suitable house in solo mode or to relieve other heating systems are used as secondary heating. Heating with a renewable, CO2-neutral raw wood makes you independent from the significant price increases of fossil fuels and gas oil.

All EGRA-DS fireplaces comply with current regulations emmissions laws, DinPlus-certified and are regularly monitored by an international test-institute.

Decades of experience and continuos, sophisticated test methods have made the water out of the SKE fireplaces series of high-quality products. This is reflected, inter alia back in the long-term warranty on the combustion chamber of the EGRA-DS series.

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