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gz-brandservices - Heizen mit Holz & Solar: Charge4Bike

Charge4Bike for the charging of e-bikes

Dismount and charge your e-bike

With our Charge4Bike, we have designed a very inexpensive system especially for the charging of e-bikes. A weather-resistant multiple socket outlet with appropriate security monitoring enables the charging of up to 4 e-bikes. Charge4Bike is therefore the perfect charging device for bicycle paths, guest houses, com- munities or is simply a sign of innovative customer service - the main attraction of the "shop around the corner". Please note that, in each case, the owner of the Charge4Bike is responsible for the appropriate and safe use of the sockets! 

  • Charging and parking space for 4 e-bikes
  • Double-sided advertising facility
  • Efficient and economical 


Price on request!

Technical data

Product properties Material Hot-dip galvanized steel
  Surface Powder-coated
  Color Base color: RAL 6028 Special colors with an order in excess of 20 units (price on request)
  Floor space required 1362 x 703 mm
  Total height 1802 mm
  Weight approx. 44 kg
Electrical data Connection cable Feed cable length 10 m, H07RN-F 3x2.5 with Schuko plug
  Rated voltage 230 V AC
  Rated current max. 16 A
  Connection power max. 3.6 kVA
  Electrical equipment 4 Schuko sockets with socket protectors
  Protection class of the electrical equipment IP44 according to DIN EN 60529 (spray-water protected)
  Fault current protection Ground fault circuit interrupter A 2 / 25 / 0.03 A
Advertising space Front (outlet side) 1100 x 703 mm, blank ex works
  Back 1252 x 703 mm, blank ex works
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