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gz-brandservices - Heizen mit Holz & Solar: More clima - less costs!

More clima - less costs!

so .. you keep in Summer "cool" a head.

The Climaero is a patented air circulator, which sucks the air from the floor of a room and brings into the top through a Plexiglas tube. In this case, mix the cold and the warm air and there is a splendid interior climate. The soil is much warmer at one time and the body has a uniform temperature to which it can be adjusted. More comfort - less heating costs!

The problem

Warm air rises, cold air falls!
Each heated room there due to the low density of hot air stratification.
This layering is unpleasant because you have actually intends to prove the lower area warm. In order to obtain a higher temperature leads to the upper portion heat more to than is actually required - this is money down the drain!

The solution

Bring the cold air to warm air layers!
In each room, the cold air collects at the lowest point. This cold air is via a system of hot air down to the higher layers. The warm air from the ceiling is printed by cold air down. The result is available via all levels a gleichmäßiges, comfortable room climate.

The CLIMAERO - system

With the Climaero principle we the earthy convection, a leg, as we permanent suck the cold air from the floor and thus hollows the ceiling. Therefore, no cold air can settle down and the ceiling is not over heated. 

The temperature stratification is reduced to a minimum. The result is a comfortable indoor climate. 

By this effect above may be favorable cases up to 60% of the heat energy cost. Warmth is where it is needed.

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