Sun collector VarioSol

Extra big, extra powerful
The sizes of Winkler collector units range from 3.75 square metres to an extra big 24 square metres. There are many advantages to this: the fitter can easily use a crane to install the units, thus saving time and money. There are also only very few connections and junctions required, which also saves costs. As a rule of thumb, the wider the collector area, the easier and quickler they are to install. It goes without saying that all the frames and assembly components are made from high-grade aluminium or stainless steel. Quality is definitely no accident.

Even more advantages
So far so good. But it gets even better. Because of their wide-area construction, Winkler collectors have considerably less of a frame than small components This minimises heat loss towards the edge and ensures an exceptional energy yield - a high 90% of the wide-area Winkler collector panel absorbs the sun rays. At the same time, our big collectors take up less space, as no gap is required between individual units.

Customised is better
Winkler customers' dreams become reality in our in-house production facility. We can make collectors in virtually any conceivable form. This does not just look good, but provides real benefits. Our special forms bring areas into play that would not be accessible to standard solutions. And to make life easy for the fitters during installation, we can position the pipework anywhere you want on the collectors – without charging you extra. This is our way of helping to reduce the length of pipe to the storage system, which further improves the efficiency of the installation. Great, isn't it?

Really smart
Winkler wide-area collector has such an attractive design that it has been honoured with the iF design award. And this is not just any award – the iF design award has been in existence since 1953, and according to its own definition, it rewards not only design but innovative spirit and the courage to be compared. For example, jurors were impressed that the design of our systems was not disrupted by screws in the surface – which, by the way, also has a positive effect on the service life of the product.

Placement options

  • In-roof mounting for tiled, slate and corrugated Eternit roofs
  • In-roof mounting for tin roofs
  • Facade installation
  • Balcony integration

Installation instructions are available.

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